total return on stock
compared to original
listing in 2003
million euro
added value distributed
to local stakeholders

Internal communication

Many communication activities and aggregation initiatives were implemented during the year to increase the dissemination and sharing of corporate projects and to stimulate the involvement of the entire workforce as part of the Hera community.

The growth process of the digital House Organ continued in 2018: thanks to no less than 340 articles published during the year, it is now considered, together with the company intranet, the leading tool for communication to Group employees. Smart working was one of the most covered topics, designed to reconsider collaborative and team working methods and to seize the opportunities that technology and space can offer to people, allowing them to find a greater balance between work and private life.

2018 was the year of the third edition of HeraSolidale, the Group’s solidarity project that supports charity associations throughout the local area. The high level of participation by employees in this edition, which is still ongoing, has already made it possible to increase memberships, increase the social impact of the project and contribute to the 2030 UN Agenda priorities. A new, important aspect in 2018 was the extension of the project to customers, in order to achieve a common goal of solidarity of even greater significance.

Again with a view to contributing to the UN Agenda goals, an internal energy efficiency awareness campaign was carried out during the year to spread a culture in the workplace which is more aware of energy resources. Staff was involved with information and advice on how to save and help the environment, by paying attention to the use of air conditioning, lighting, multi-function printers and paper.

In order to spread an increasingly aware workplace health and safety culture, an internal campaign was launched to raise awareness and train on road safety and health driving styles. The campaign included the creation of various communication materials such as self-supporting posters located in the car parks of the main company offices, videos, screensavers and an online browsable learning magazine with practical information and interactive exercises to prevent home-work accidents.

Employee participation in the 19 Facciamo il punto (Let’s take stock) meetings was high (over 7,000 employees). The meetings were held in 14 cities throughout the area served by the Group and allowed the Chairman and Managing Director to inform employees about strategies, results achieved and future goals. For the first time in 2018, one of the events was also held in Ospedaletto d’Istrana, in the province of Treviso, where the newly acquired company, Aliplast, is based.

After the success in 2017, the Percorsi nel cuore di Hera (Journey into the heart of Hera) continued. In 2018, staff was able to discover circular economy by visiting the plants of Waste Recycling and Aliplast. Over 260 Hera employees and their family members arrived from the Group’s different areas to discover the technological secrets of our plants, to get to know the work of their colleagues better and to share professional opinions.

The recreational and sporting gatherings organised together with employee recreational associations continued to be greatly appreciated: the eleventh edition of Hera Ski Adventure, the long skiing weekend for employees and their families, counted over 500 participants with a rich programme of activities also for non-skiers, in a highly exciting and inclusive environment.

Even the benefits reserved to employees for access to exhibitions, performances and concerts in which Hera was involved as sponsor or partner attracted strong interest: over 1,362 people used these benefits and enjoyed cultural initiatives throughout the area served.