total return on stock
compared to original
listing in 2003
million euro
added value distributed
to local stakeholders

Integrity in relationships with the Public Administration

Hera is committed to ensuring the highest levels of integrity and honesty in its relationships with the Public Administration. This is why the Group has adopted, and regularly updates, an organisation, management and control model designed to identify specific risks associated with the crimes identified in Legislative Decree 231/2001. This organisation model comprises protocols that strive to ensure transparency and a sense of ownership in internal and external relationships. For each “high risk” process, the protocols identify principles, roles, and responsibilities which should be followed in managing the activities and define the periodic information flows for control. Each protocol ensures the constant monitoring of risk activities for the Supervisory Body, including: relationship management with the Authorities, public loans, sponsorships, donations and gifts and procurement, protection of the environment and health and safety in the workplace.

The procedures adopted conform to the principles of the Code of Ethics and seek to guide Group management based on the values and principles defined in the Charter of Values.