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shared value Ebitda,
36% of total Ebitda
(+14% over 2017)
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shared value investments,
40% of total investments
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quality of Group services

2030 UN goals for sustainable development and Hera projects

The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development ratified at the UN summit in September 2015 by 193 countries includes 17 goals regarding sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs), divided into 169 targets. The SDGs are regarded as the continuation of the millennium development goals, already defined in 2000 by the United Nations.

An in-depth study was carried out in 2018 to understand the exact goals which Hera contributes most to through its own activities. This detailed study required the analysis of all 169 targets. The Group activities, projects or policies that currently contribute to their achievement were identified. Contribution was classified as high, medium or low. Goals were considered to be relevant only if one target which Hera contributes to had a medium or high level. The analysis confirmed the 10 goals already mapped in 2017, and target 17 was added.

The SDGs which Hera contributes to are included in the CSV impact and driver areas; only goal 17 was regarded as cutting across the three shared value drivers.

This analysis was used to examine in greater detail the 52 goals for the future (What we will do…) defined by the Hera Group for forthcoming years, reported extensively in the Appendix and summarised in the table at the end of this paragraph. Each “What we will do…” corresponds either to one of the three CSV drivers or to the organisational bases/levers.

As reported in the table below, Hera’s contribution by number of “What we will do…” (considering the SDGs affected by 10 or more targets) is predominant in 6 goals: Decent work and economic growth; Sustainable cities and communities; Accountable consumption and production; Companies, innovation and infrastructure; Clean and accessible energy; Combating climate change.

What we will do… 2030 UN Agenda targets 
2030 UN Agenda target Shared value Smart use of energy Efficient use of resources Innovation and contribution to development Governance and creation of value Quality, cost and safety of customer services People Suppliers Total
2     2     1   5
2               2
2   6   1       9
2 6  1 1    1     11
2 1  4 3 2   1 4 18
2 3 2 3   2     12
2 2 4 6 1       15
2   9 2       2 15
2 7       1     10
2   3  1         6
2   2 2 1   1   8