million euro
shared value Ebitda,
36% of total Ebitda
(+14% over 2017)
million euro
shared value investments,
40% of total investments
customer satisfaction
our annual survey confirms the high
quality of Group services

Sustainability for the Hera Group

Sustainability as a key element of company strategy

Sustainability has always played a key role in Hera’s strategy ever since its establishment. The approach adopted by the Group is based on integrating sustainability in its planning and control systems and, therefore, in the management of its business activities.

Hera Group’s Business Plan for period 2018-2022 period shows growing economic results achieved with strong and constant attention to the compliance with economic, financial, environmental and social sustainability logics.

The balanced scorecard approach enables us to assign “balanced” objectives to our management team, distributed over four areas: learning and development, internal processes, customer and territory, economic-financial.

Look at the international networks that Hera is a part of.

See how Hera contributes to achieving the 2030 UN Agenda targets.