million euro
shared value Ebitda,
36% of total Ebitda
(+14% over 2017)
million euro
shared value investments,
40% of total investments
customer satisfaction
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quality of Group services

“Shared value” investments

In 2018, the Hera Group invested around Euro 184 million in initiatives and projects aimed at creating shared value. These investments represent 40% of the total investments made by the Hera Group.

The graph below shows these investments divided by impact driver:

Specifically, as regards the driver “Smart use of energy”, the main investments regarded:

  • the Sant’Agata Bolognese biomethane production plant (around Euro 20.6 million in 2018 – “Spreading renewable energy” impact area);
  • upgrading of public lighting and heat management systems in the public administration as well as energy efficiency measures in condominiums and industries, also through the implementation of industrial cogeneration plants. These projects were carried out by Hera Luce, Hera Servizi Energie and AcegasApsAmga (around Euro 21.7 million – “Promotion of energy efficiency” impact area);

For the “Efficient use of resources” driver, a total amount of Euro 68.9 million were invested. The main part of this amount (around Euro 50 million) regarded adjustment operations in the sewage and purification sector in order to ensure the highest quality standards for water resources both in municipal and rural areas (“Sustainable management of water resources” impact area). The remaining part regarded projects for the development of separate waste collection and for waste recovery and recycling, especially through Aliplast and Waste Recycling (“Transition towards a circular economy” impact area).

Lastly, as part of “Innovation and contribution to development”, investments were mainly aimed at spreading innovative technologies related to the development of smart cities, circular economy, Utility 4.0 and customer experience (approx. Euro 62.4 million – “Dissemination of innovation and digitalisation” impact area) and to the development of the district heating service and the purchase of environmentally-friendly vehicles (approx. Euro 9 million – “Air and soil protection” impact area).

The investments outlined in the 2018-22 Business Plan that aim to create shared value amount to approximately Euro 685 million for years 2019-22, almost a third of the total. Around Euro 320 million regard projects connected to the driver “Innovation and contribution to development”, Euro 259 million to “Efficient use of resources” projects while the remainder relate to investments in “Smart use of energy”.