the induced employment generated
by Hera in 2018
million euro
for innovation and digitalisation,
22 projects in smart city, circular
economy and data analytics
reused soil
in projects implemented in 2018

Development of new skills in the Hera Group

Since 2018, the Hera Group has offered various training activities to its employees in order to support their development towards new skills and to embrace the digital transformation.

The main initiatives already launched or under way on new skills and on skills undergoing “transformation” include the following:

  • communication and training initiatives in the field of change management and, in particular, on agility and flexibility in the implementation/extension of Smart Working;
  • hER@futura programme on competences in the digital transformation field, with differentiated targets;
  • specific training initiatives on skills in Data Analytics and in modelling and predictive analysis, in particular with application training for the resources of the Community Data Analytics;
  • in-depth studies on the Smart City topic, such as participation in external training and discussion initiatives, in particular by resources within the Central Innovation and Development Department;
  • training the circular economy, such as participation in various initiatives (including the workshop “The plastics sector between discontinuity and opportunity” and those related to the presence of Hera in the CE100 network of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation);
  • transversal training initiatives to strengthen influencing and negotiation skills, in particular for managers (leadership model, speeches on advanced management negotiation techniques);
  • vertical training initiatives on advanced skills in the field of cybersecurity for resources in on quality, safety and the environment and in the field of information technology;
  • training on new corporate applications (for example: Geocall, Salesforce, Oracle).

Further initiatives are planned for 2019 such as for example:

  • consolidation of initiatives in the field of digital transformation and Data Analytics;
  • change management initiatives (communication and training) on planning and collaboration within the implementation/extension of Smart Working;
  • change management program related to the Digital Workplace – Office 365 project;
  • specific initiatives to strengthen skills in the field of project management.

Development of digital skills

One of the initiatives launched in the field of new digital skills is HER@futura, which aims to develop a digital-friendly culture and widespread know-how on these issues, while strengthening the vertical and cross-functional skills of Group employees. The first phase involved creating a survey, based on an online gaming path and aimed at exploring the Group’s propensity for Digital, Data Analytics, Smart Working and ICT topics. The second phase, which started in April 2018, included a training and application programme differentiated by channel, target and content, aimed at strengthening basic skills and managerial approach of our staff, and increasing the speed and effectiveness of corporate projects in those areas. In this regard, 9 bite-sized training units were released on issues related to the digital world, which were associated with video tutorials to provide more in-depth analysis of trends and digital tools, a digital skills development course customized on the basis of the outcome of the digital profile found during the survey phase.

In addition, the Digital & Analytics for Managers project was implemented with the development of a special ad hoc platform, two “digital lab” action learning projects aimed at developing innovative ideas in digital innovation were implemented and an envisioning initiative for management was implemented.