sorted waste
over an area with 3.1 million
waste recovered
the amount of sorted waste
recuperated, going towards
a circular economy
thousand tons of CO2 avoided
with the plastic recycled
by Aliplast

Within Hera Group, the special waste-management chain is managed by Herambiente at Hera, the flow of special waste treatment is highly structured given the variable nature of this waste that comes from industry, from the purification of wastewater, from construction, from the commercial and services sector, and from the healthcare sector. Herambiente has over 25 plants exclusively equipped for the disposal of special waste, with around 5 million tonnes managed in 2018 (including sub-products deriving from the Group’s plant activities).

Herambiente’s plants, as regards special waste, include, inter alia, plants such as:

  • Disidrat (Ravenna) – treatment plant for pumpable sludge, shovellable material, ash, soil (authorized for 150,000 t/year)
  • F3 (Ravenna) – incinerator for special waste, including hazardous waste, of industrial origin (40,000 t/year)
  • HASI waste storage and pretreatment centre (Herambiente Servizi Industriali), Ravenna – facility for special hazardous and non-hazardous waste (25,000 t/year of hazardous waste)