The key numbers of shared value


Smart use of energy

Efficient use of resources

Innovation and contribution to development

Energy efficiency for households and business

of customers with energy efficiency serivces. The quantity is 15,000


LED light points


Emissions avoided
3 thousand tonnes of CO2

avoided thanks 35 to energy efficiency measures in the area
(Marche Multiservizi) since 2017


separate waste collection, of which 87% recycled*
28% of municipal waste in landfills

81 thousand

accesses in the 15 separate waste collection centres


Wastewater Treatment

of urban areas >2,000 pe have achieved compliance (100% by 2021)


of the gas meters installed are electronic


employees in the Pesaro-Urbino area
and 35 hires in 2018


Social inclusion
Euro 2 million

value of bills paid in instalments, 1,000 households involved

* Excluding green waste

CSV Investments

CSV Case Study


Expansion of the Pesaro treatment plant

We signed the contract to award upgrade works for the Borgheria treatment plant. The work calls for an investment of more than Euro 8 million. The measure will be completed by 2021 and will increase treatment effectiveness, ensuring full compliance and responding to the EC infringement proceedings.

New measures to deal with drought risk

The reconstruction work on the so-called “wellhead” of the Burano well, in the municipality of Cagli, a fundamental strategic reserve, has been completed. Drilling is underway in the municipality of Fossombrone to find new supply sources.

Overall investment: more than Euro 3 million.

Festival of Reuse and Recycling at Pesaro

The sixth edition of the reuse and recycling festival took place in June. The event was part of the National Sustainable Development Festival 2018, one of the main Italian contributions to the “European Week of Sustainable Development”, which drew attention to the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


The bases and the organisational levers

Economic value distributed to the Pesaro-Urbino area, of which:

Euro 77 million
42 million workers
5 million
6 million PA
24 million suppliers

210 jobs created (lead-on employment)

A high-quality service… at a lower price.
customer satisfaction index in the Pesaro-Urbino area:

Average yearly expense for waste management for a household* (Source: Cittadinanzattiva)
-21% compared to Italian average
263 Euro in Pesaro-Urbino,
Italian average is 334

Average yearly expense for waste management for non-residential customers**
-48% compared to Italian average (Source: Ref Ricerche)
7.54 Euro/m2 for Pesaro,
14.38 Euro/m2 for Italy

* 3 persons in 100 m2

** Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and food industry