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NexMeter: the smart gas meter for innovation and security

Evolution comes with Hera Group's new 4.0 meter, designed for increased safety and fuel efficiency.


The "Next" in its name expresses both its closeness and orientation to the future. This smart meter is the fruit of Hera's know-how in gas distribution management and continuous investment in innovation, research, and development. It is the first meter to include recycled plastic, in line with the company's focus on the circular economy.

The Hera Group has chosen as its partners the most qualified companies both nationally and internationally: Panasonic, a Japanese multinational world leader in the manufacture of electronic products and components, and Pietro Fiorentini, an Italian company leader in the production of products and services for the entire supply chain of natural gas.

Its innovative technologies enable NexMeter to automatically:

  • check the user system's integrity at regular intervals;
  • send a report and shut off the supply in the event of faults;
  • automatically shut off the supply if its seismic sensor detects an earthquake;
  • perform a qualitative analysis of the gas supply service.

NexMeter is much more than just a meter: it's a mini-computer with advanced technology, based on algorithms, sensors, and ultrasound, offering users absolute precision and greater reliability. Using a state-of-the-art seismic sensor it can immediately detect earthquake tremors and shut off the gas supply, thus providing a qualitatively safer service by preventing and reducing accident risks.

This all brings tangible benefits for users, who can be more aware of their consumption, and for the Hera Group's distribution companies, enabling a more advanced management of the entire gas distribution network. In addition to sending periodic consumption reports, in the event of emergencies, the new meter secures the system and immediately sends a report to the Group's central control centre in Forlì, which provides real-time monitoring of the multiutility's networks and systems throughout its service area. If the control centre has the user contact data, it can send the user an alert that appears on the meter's display.

NexMeter is environmentally friendly: it can detect both immediate and far-reaching gas leaks and micro-leaks, and helps reduce polluting emissions. It also improves boiler efficiency. In addition to being compatible with all types of networks and systems, NexMeter is ready for use with biomethane.

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