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The toe (tonne of oil equivalent) is the conventional unit of measure for primary energy and is equivalent to energy obtained from the combustion of a ton of oil. In one year a family of three consumes about 1.4 toe of energy in heating and electricity. A car (consider a FIAT Panda 1.4 litre driving 10,000 km/year) generates about 1.33 tonnes of CO2 †per year. In drawing up this report the following conversion factors were applied: electricity 0.187 toe/MWh, natural gas 0.82 toe/000 Nm3, heat 0.103 toe/MWh, biogas 0.55 toe/000 Nm3, diesel 1.02 toe/t, petrol 1.05 toe/t, LPG 1.10 toe/t.

The full version of this report has been verified by an external company (DNV GL): the assurance statement is available at www.gruppohera.it/report.

To produce of this report we used Favini's Crush Mais paper, made with by-products of agro-industrial processes, that replace up to 15% of the cellulose coming from trees.

Greenhouse gas emissions related to the drawing up of this report have been neutralized via a reforestation project in the Po Delta Park in Emilia-Romagna.