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A challenge for everyone that benefits everyone: THE SCENARIO

Energy efficiency is the new global challenge and a key driver in numerous economies.

With "Clean energy for all Europeans", presented in 2016 by the European Commission, new measures have been proposed to limit energy consumption, including increasing of the target for reducing energy consumption to 30%, extending the mandatory annual savings regime and a roadmap for the renovation of buildings (which will run until 2050). In 2017, Italy updated its National Energy Strategy (SEN), taking on the most challenging proposal: reducing consumption by 30% by 2030. The aim is to promote energy-saving initiatives in the most critical sectors (civil and transport), so as to reduce CO2 emissions and energy dependence, while ensuring security of supply. Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014 as amended by Legislative Decree 141/2016 requires compulsory energy diagnosis for energy-intensive businesses and energy efficiency improvement measures for Public Administration bodies.

The Group's focus on energy efficiency remained sharp again this year, as highlighted by ISO 50001 certification of energy management systems divided into eight Group companies: Hera S.p.A., AcegasApsAmga, AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici, Hera Luce, Hera Servizi Energia, Heratech, Inrete Distribuzione Energia, and Marche Multiservizi.

Energy improvement plans drawn up by Hera S.p.A., AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi involve 227 tasks to be completed during the 3-year lifespan of the management system, 186 of which have already been completed. These will contribute to the objective of reducing energy consumption by 5% by 2020.

The UNís 2030 Agenda gives efficient energy usage and climate change priority status, and objectives 7 and 13 of the Agenda define specific targets. HERA Group businesses that, are pushing ahead with "smart energy use" within the scope of the Global Agenda, generated a Gross Operating Margin of Euro 64.4 million; more specifically, 46.8 million from the promotion of energy efficiency and 17.6 million from a more widespread use of renewable energy, as highlighted by the "shared value GOM drawn up for the Sustainability Report 2017".

The goal is to measure consumption to define improvement actions and thus reduce environmental impact!

2030 goals for Italy (final energy consumption)
Source: National Energy Strategy 2017, Eurostat
HERA Group energy consumption (303,000 toe in 2017)