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More efficient public lighting, and more: LOWERING CONSUMPTION

In 2017 electricity consumption was 99 GWh, 14% of all Group consumption.

As Italy's second-largest public lighting provider, the Hera Group manages 518,659 street/public lights and 11,634 traffic lights in 163 municipalities.

Hera uses energy saving light bulbs (mercury vapour-free) in 71% of the public lights it manages. Consumption is managed for 51% of street lights (dimming, partial switch-off etc.), while 14% of them use LED lamps. A reduction in consumption was also recorded for traffic lights, since 65% of them use low energy consumption bulbs.

Municipalities served153163
Lights points514,901518,659
of which energy saving (%)78%71%
of which LED (%)7%14%
of which with management systems fot optimising consumption (reduction of intensity, partial switching off etc.) (%)54%51%
Traffic lights 10,37111,634
of which LED (%)71%65%

Energy consumption per light continued to decrease in 2017 (-25% since 2012) thanks to efficiency enhancing projects.

In 2017 Hera Luce implemented 18 energy modernisation projects: these involved light point replacement, optimisation of lighting adjustment systems and the geometry of the system and the removal of redundant lights. The resulting savings came to over 1,368 toe per year, about 7% of total Hera Luce consumption. Further works - planned or in progress - are expected to save over 3,438 toe (18% of consumption). Most of the solutions concern Rho (MI), Giulianova (TE), Forlì (FC) and Tortoreto (TE) municipalities.  Public lighting replacement activities have been completed in Modena, which aimed to achieve cost savings without reducing the amount of public lighting is provided, to improve environmental performance and reduce emissions.

In 2017, energy efficiency measures were carried out on Lots 6-7-8-9 in Modena as part of the efficiency project called "Modena Pensa LED", for a total of over 6,000 lighting points and an estimated saving of over 1.5 million kWh, equal to about 330 toe when fully operational. In addition, the "M'illumino di LED" initiative was planned, a project to reduce the Hera Group's energy consumption through energy efficiency initiatives for offices with external lighting. The Bologna and Ravenna offices will be the first to be affected by the initiative.