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Alessandro Melcarne

Alessandro Melcarne was born in Latina (LT) on 21 June 1984.

He has been an independent director of Hera Spa since 2017, where he has also held the position of member of the Executive Committee and director of Group companies.

Since 2016, he has served as Associate Professor (with a permanent contract) of Economics at Paris Nanterre University.
Since 2017, he has served as Visiting Professor at Piemonte Orientale University, in Alessandria.
He has worked as consultant for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Colombia since 2017.

Between 2015 and 2016, he worked as a Researcher of Applied Economics at DiGSPES - Piemonte Orientale University. Again, between 2015 and 2016, he worked as a Researcher at the “Luigi Einaudi” Research and Documentation Centre of Turin. In 2015, he worked as a Researcher at Waseda University in Tokyo.

In 2013, he worked as a Researcher at Piemonte Orientale University in Alessandria.

He is a member of: European Society of Law & Economics, European Public Choice Society, European Society of Comparative Economics, Italian Society of Law & Economics, Italian Economists Society, French Society of Law & Economics, Public Choice Society, Society for Empirical Legal Studies.

He has received several awards and grants and is the author of publications in scientific journals and books. He has attented several conferences on Law and Economics.

In 2015, he earned a PhD in Economics from Turin University.

He graduated with a degree in law from Padua University in 2011.

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