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The Leadership Model

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The Leadership Model

The Leadership Model was launched in 2010, with the aim of promoting and developing the virtuous behaviour necessary for tackling the numerous challenges in a constantly evolving competitive context and bringing our mission and values to life. It thus represents an interpretation of our company strategy, serving as a compass for the everyday behaviour of all of us.
The fulcrum of the Model is represented by the Example: we ask that each and every one of us always sets the right example, to express the uniqueness of Hera, its desire and ability to ensure cooperation between people and organisational environments in order to achieve the same shared goals.

The key element on which the Model is based is exemplary conduct, with 4 corresponding objectives:

  • Adding value
  • Giving shape to results
  • Establishing common ground
  • Building the future

We are aware that we all contribute, through our decisions, actions and behaviour, to determining and implementing the Hera Group’s strategy. We are at the start of a process, the objective of which is individual growth to foster the growth of the group.

Page update 30 June 2020

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