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Shared value? Let's build it together

Shared value? Let's build it together


The Hera Group has published a new report in which the engagement of customers, associations and individuals is put at the centre, describing the many projects through which the company offers them the possibility of becoming active players in the change expected by the company.


Creating shared value requires the engagement of and collaboration between the company, private individuals, customers, organizations and local associations. In fact, through their everyday behaviour, these players contribute to the achievement of the fundamental objectives in terms of sustainability, efficiency and social inclusion. And this is why the Hera Group recently published “Costruire insieme il futuro” (Building the future together), a new thematic report that, by integrating the series of the Group’s thematic sustainability reports, describes the multiutility company’s commitment to helping individuals to play a leading, active role in the areas served. The report is focused on goal 17 of the 2030 UN Agenda, which is to promote partnerships aimed at reaching the sustainability goals.

The numerous projects included in this commitment contribute to many of the Global Agenda goals pursued by the Group, and have been grouped in three categories corresponding to three methods of engagement. The cases in which Hera collaborates with other organizations already active at the service of the environment and society are thus set alongside the projects in which the company engages customers and private individuals to enable them to produce value for the area. These projects are supplemented by initiatives made possible by the concrete tools used by the Group to enable the individuals to take actions that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

The leading projects described in the new report include HeraLAB, a structured channel of consultation and dialogue to help improve the sustainability of the Hera services with concrete actions in the area through the active engagement of representatives of the local community; the “Grande Macchina del Mondo” (The Great World Machine) environmental education projects, which involve over 100,000 students a year from playschool to high school; FarmacoAmico, which enables non-expired drugs for a value of 670,000 euros to be recovered for charitable purposes every year and donated to NPOs operating in the area. Also worthy of mention is the “Raeebilitando” (Enabling WEEE) workshop, which engages disabled young people in the disassembly of non-hazardous WEEE, such as small household appliances, and “Cambia il finale” (Change the ending), which enables almost 164 tonnes a year of bulky waste in good condition to be collected and reused, again in collaboration with local NPOs.

All projects that demonstrate every day how “Costruire insieme il futuro” is the only way of winning the sustainability challenges of our times and favouring the transition towards advanced circular economy models that we are called to adopt with extreme urgency.

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