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How the data is processed

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In this report:

Data processing method

Processing the information made it possible to calculate the quantity of waste collected per capita, the percentage of recovery (i.e., the percentage of material returning to the production cycle), the recycling rate (i.e. the percentage determined by the ratio between the quantities sent for recycling, including quantities not processed, and the quantities of materials present in separated and mixed municipal waste) as well as the list of plants that recovered the material collected in 2019.

In the cases in which there were one or more intermediate destinations prior to disposal in a recovery plant, the company performing the separation was contacted, and the amount of surplus declared by it was taken into account.

Data does not include multi-material collection, which is exclusively for non-domestic customers, mainly located in industrial/handicraft districts (4% of total separate waste collection in 2019).

All data refers to recovered (i.e., recycled) municipal waste that has been collected separately.  For plastics, the quantity sent to energy recovery was also taken into account.  In order to recycle plastic, in fact, it is necessary to separate the individual polymers: the main ones are separated (mainly PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP) and the waste remaining that is difficult to recycle but energy can be recovered from it.

In 2019, of all the plastic we recovered, 46% (Corepla 47%) was recycled, while 54% (Corepla 53%) was used for energy recovery.

For green waste, the amount sent for energy recovery in biomass plants was also taken into account. Of all green waste collected, 84% was recycled, and 16% was used for energy recovery.

Since there is no standard procedure to determine the recovery rate, the methodology used may show results that are not always comparable with those from other studies.

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