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The development process

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The development process

Personal growth is the driving force behind our company. We are convinced that people who are motivated and have received the proper training are able to create new ideas, innovate processes and improve the quality of the products and services offered. In order to be ready to face the new challenges thrown up by the regulatory and business context, it is crucial to invest in the creation of fertile and open working environments, where the various teams may cooperate and intermingle.

We think it is absolutely vital to guarantee continuous training, stimulate innovation to tackle future challenges effectively and ensure the company’s sustainable evolution over time.
The goal of our development process is to bring out and enhance the full potential of each and every individual. Consequently, we have introduced new innovative tools to promote cooperation, recognise motivation, develop agility and leadership and engage our employees. 

Constructing dialogue

We ask our managers to invest in developing our employees through constant feedback and getting involved in work teams. We believe that this is the best way to achieve challenging goals and create a positive and pleasant working environment.

Through the performance dialogue phase, managers and employees can set targets for the year, enhancing areas of strength and implementing measures to cover gaps in areas in need of improvement.

The importance of coaching

We ask all our managers to set an example and adopt a coaching approach with respect to their employees, in order to help them achieve their objectives. We organise coaching courses with internal and external experts to support and develop our staff during the various phases of their working lives. Each course is designed on an ad hoc basis according to the specific requirements of the individual or group, to provide targeted support that is consistent with the needs detected.

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