Testata Shareholders' meeting of 30 April 2019

Shareholders' meeting of 30 April 2019

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Banner Shareholders' Meeting of 30 April 2019

30 /04/ 2019

Hera Shareholders Meeting: 2018 financial statements and dividend increasing to 10 cents approved

The multi-utility, included in the FTSE MIB as of 18 March 2019, improved all its main operating-financial and sustainability indicators, with results exceeding expectations and Ebitda amounting to over one billion for the first time. Commitment towards creating shared value also confirmed

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Contenuto SHAREHOLDERS' MEETINGS 30 April 2019

We hereby announce that a note of convocation has been published on the Company's website (www.gruppohera.it) for the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting convened at the registered office of Hera S.p.A. - Viale C. Berti Pichat n. 2/4, Bologna - in the "Spazio Hera" area - on 30 April 2019 at 10:00 in a single call to discuss and resolve on the following:


  1. Financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2018, management report, profit allotment proposal and Board of Statutory Auditors and Independent Auditors report: related and consequent resolutions. Presentation of the consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2018.
    Presentation of the Sustainability Report - Consolidated non-financial statement drafted pursuant to legislative decree no. 254/2016.
  2. Presentation of the corporate governance report and non-binding resolutions pertaining to remuneration policies.
  3. Renewal of authorisation to purchase treasury shares and procedures for arrangement of the same: related and consequent resolutions.

The full text of the proposed resolutions, together with the related reports and the documents which will be put to the meeting, are available to the public at the company headquarters and on the Company website (www.gruppohera.it), as well as on the authorized storage website 1Info (www.1Info.it) under the legal terms foreseen for each of the subjects treated.

Right to attend and participation by proxy

All those entitled to vote at the end of the accounting day of 17 April 2019 (record date), and those from whom the Company has received the relevant notification from an authorised intermediary, are eligible to attend the Shareholders Meeting. Each person entitled to take part can nominate a representative to attend the Shareholders' Meeting, pursuant to the law, with the right to use for this purpose the proxy form available on the Company's website (www.gruppohera.it).

The Company has appointed Computershare S.p.A. as a representative whom shareholders with voting rights can nominate as a proxy with instructions for voting, using the dedicated form available on the Company's website.

Other shareholders' rights

The note of convocation of the Meeting, available on the Company's website (www.gruppohera.it), contains all pertinent information and detailed instructions as to the right Shareholders may exercise (proposing questions and integrating the agenda).

Shareholders meeting notice (140 Kb - PDF)
Minutes of the ordinary shareholders meeting (387 Kb - PDF)

Explanatory administrators' report on the subject matter listed at point 2 of the agenda (2488 Kb - PDF)
Explanatory administrators' report for items 3 on the agenda (180 Kb - PDF)

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