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Board of directors

The shareholder's meeting held 23 April 2014 appointed a Board of Directors, whose mandate lasts from now until the approval of the financial statement for the 2016 financial year, on the this body is composed of 14 members.

The Board of Directors is vested with the widest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company without any limitations, with the power to carry out all acts considered necessary or appropriate for the pursuit of the corporate purpose, excluding only those which, by law or by virtue of the Articles of Association, are strictly reserved to the Shareholders' Meeting.

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NEW B.o.D of Hera, appointed by the AGM of 27 April 2017

New Board of Directors
Tomaso Tommasi di VignanoExecutive ChairmanmIT
Stefano VenierCEO - executivemIT
Giovanni BasileVice PresidentmIT
Francesca FioreDirector - indipendent non executivefIT
Giorgia GagliardiDirector - indipendent non executivefIT
Massimo GiustiDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Sara LorenzonDirector - indipendent non executivefIT
Aldo LucianoDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Stefano ManaraDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Danilo ManfrediDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Erwin P.W. RauheDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Duccio RegoliDirector - indipendent non executivemIT
Federica SegantiDirector - indipendent non executivefIT
Marina VignolaDirector - indipendent non executivefIT
Giovanni XiloDirector - indipendent non executivemIT

The Board of Directors appointment will last for 3 fiscal years.

BoD as at 27 April 2017

Page updated 27 April 2017

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