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Behind the share: diversity and inclusion main parameters to be listed in SRI, diversity and inclusion indexes

Investing in Hera means investing in sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion
IssueRead moreSource AbstractValue
Board Cultural DiversityRead moreHera's Board of Directors includes 27% of members who have diversified cultural and working backgrounds, matured abroad and in different operating contexts compared to the areas where the Group operates27%
Policy Diversity and OpportunityRead more PeopleRead more Diversity managementDiversity and equal opportunities
The Hera Group's commitment to equal opportunity and to valorising diversity is present in and confirmed by the text of its Ethical code as well. As early as October 2009, Hera signed the "Charter for equal opportunities and equality on the workplace", which calls for 10 commitments countering any form of discrimination on the workplace and valorising diversity within companies. In March 2011, a Diversity Manager was appointed, in line with the commitments made upon adhering to the "Charter for equal opportunities and equality on the workplace". Initiatives are taken each year to close the gender gap and make the working environment increasingly inclusive.
Diversity and OpportunityRead moreDiversity and Opportunity Targets
Continuing to implement coaching sessions after periods of parental leave (for both mothers and fathers) and introducing disability awareness initiatives within the company. Smart working and remote working will be implemented in 2018.
Women EmployeesRead moreThe amount of female personnel among employees with permanent contracts came to 24.3% in 2017 (28.2% in Hera Spa), compared to a national average in the energy-water-waste sector of 15.9% (Eurostat 2014, the latest data available).24,3
Women ManagersRead moreIn 2017, among executives and managers, the incidence on the total is in line with last year and stands at 28.0%. Considering all the contractual managerial role qualifications (managers, middle managers and managerial staff), the percentage of women is 31.3% (41.1% in Hera Spa). 28% of women (39% in Hera Spa), in 2017, in career advancements (middle managers and managers) complete the picture on the roles of responsibility.31,30%
New Women EmployeesRead moreIn 2017, 79 female workers were hired with open-ended contracts (14 more compared to 2016). The percentage of newly hired female managers, middle managers and employees was 47%.27,82%
Executive Members Gender Diversity, PercentRead moreTotal of executive members 37: women 5, men 3213,50%
Female on BoardRead moreTotal BoD's members 15:  5 women, 10 men (full compliance with national legislation 251/2012 )33,30%
Employee-based groups focused on DiversityRead moreIn Hera, a group of employees with skills, age and different work positions is active to take care of strategic projects to implement equal opportunities policies, inclusion, and D & I education.TRUE
LGBT rights in the workplaceRead moreHera Code of Ethics, reinforcing the national law, prohibits discrimination in employment because of sexual orientation. All Group's employees, regardless their gender, marital status or sexual orientation, have same rights in terms of flexible working hours and parental leavesTRUE
Diversity and inclusion programsRead more Manifesto D

Read more Women's Empowerment Principles
All Group's employees have same rights in terms of working hours and parental leaveTRUE
 Read more 
Flexible Working HoursRead moreHera believes in meeting the needs of its employees by granting them flexibility in their working hours. Flexible hours are distinguished by being voluntary, reversible and compatible with both the company's technical, organisational and productive requirements and its employees' requests. Priority in granting the latter goes to family related needs such as providing health assistance or care for the disabled and for those suffering from a serious illness, once duly verified. The persons responsible for these workers are the ones who request an evaluation of the feasibility of such contracts, based on the employees' duties: if the person responsible gives their approval, a modification to the contract is introduced.
Transfer of solidarity hoursRead moreIn order to improve everyone's working conditions and business climate, Hera allows each worker to transfer their holiday and leave hours to colleagues to assist minor children and / or partner in need of continuous healthcare, because of disability and / or serious illness.TRUE
Day Care ServicesRead moreHera Group's welfare system offers a wide range of initiatives and services tailored to meet workers' needs and to increase individual and family well-being in economic and social terms. Day care and health services are included in the program. A flexible welfare share of Euro 360 (up compared to Euro 200 in 2016 and which will reach 385 in 2018) was assigned to each employee, to be used for the HEXTRA offer.
This positive experience counted on 8,569 members in 2017, equal to 98% of the potential population, with Euro 3,313,560 used by employees .
Employees With DisabilitiesRead more

Initiatives on disability
Hera supports the inclusion of people with special needs, beyond compliance with national legislation. On a total amount of 8847 employees, 379 have disabilities or special needs4,30%
HIV-AIDS ProgramRead moreHera has an HIV/AIDS programTRUE
Human RightsRead moreHera fights employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin; it also fights employment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance of individuals of a certain sex, race, age, religion, or ethnic group, or individuals with disabilities.TRUE
Communications gender respectfulRead moreThe company strategy on marketing and advertising excludes gender biases in contentTRUE
Policy Skills TrainingRead more Main training initiatives

Read more Development and career progression
Hera strongly believes in training and staff development and many activity dedicated to co-workers are yearly put in place. Professional development paths are personalized to enable everyone to grow in their own individual way.TRUE
Policy Career DevelopmentRead more Our Leadership Model

Read more Development
The process for Group's development was launched in 2015 and is based on the evaluation of performance and managerial skills. The aim is to optimise development actions focusing on the management and growth of individuals. The scope of application includes the entire Group and involved around 5 thousand persons including white-collar workers, middle managers and managers (57.8% of the total). Regarding training in 2017, 822 evaluators were involved and training classrooms were set up for the new evaluators (22 classrooms) and 19 information desks for all employees. A total of 126 meetings for calibration of the performed assessments were also carried out.TRUE
Average Training HoursRead moreIn compliance with the results of the development process, specific training initiatives were set up, including targeted technical training courses, high-level training, Executive MBA, access to exclusive dialogue networks and the already mentioned elective programme. Hera is in second place among the 6 main Italian utility companies considered in the comparative analysis between the main Italian utility companies carried out by Utilitatis in terms of training hours per capita delivered to workers28,6
Internal PromotionRead moreHera believes in making its employees grow. That is the reason way internal promotions are fully supported and encouraged through many initiatives and programs.TRUE
Management TrainingRead more The leadership modelsRead more on LeadershipHera's  development activities dedicate to middle and senior management  are consistent with the  strategic challenges faced by the companyTRUE
Training Costs Per EmployeeRead moreTotal amount of investment for training stands at 1,817 ml€. Considering that company's employees trained in 2017 were 8311 , training costs per employee are 218,60 Euro (USD 254.67)Euro 218,60 ( USD 254.67)
Employee SatisfactionRead more The internal climate survey and other dialogue initiatives

Read more The methodology used for the employee satisfaction survey
A survey to determine the employees satisfaction is carried out every 2 year. In 2017 results were very encouraging as the 78% of employees participating in survey (+ 14% of participants compared to 2015) indicate a grade of satisfaction standing at 64/100TRUE
Wellbeing Example of cafeteria menuFor Group employees, the meal in the canteens costs 55 eurocents and includes a first, a second, a side dish, bread, fruit (or sweet) and soft drinks. Gluten-free, low-calorie, organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes are available daily, to respect the health needs and ethical choices of service users. The weekly menu is published in the internal portal, indicating calories and healthier choices. A nutritionist is available to answer questions on nutrition employees can mail her/him daily. 
Diverse teamworkingRead moreHera supports multicultural-multiage teams working on projects with strategic relevance 
Diversity and Opportunity ControversiesRead moreIn 2017 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition#N/A
Recent Diversity Opportunity ControversiesRead moreAs at 30 March 2018 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition#N/A
Wages Working Condition Controversies CountRead moreIn 2017 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition#N/A
Recent Wages Working Condition ControversiesRead moreAs at 30 March 2018 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition#N/A
Animal rightsRead moreHera does not conduct or commission animal testing  
Support to local associationsRead moreHera both supports and sponsors  financial/educational/health programs targeting women, elder people, people with disabilities, childrenTRUE


A multi-stakeholder approach to Diversity and Inclusion
IssueRead moreSource AbstractValue
The different languages of communicationLeaflet arabic

Leaflet chinese

Leaflet french

Leaflet english

Leaflet russian

Leaflet urdu
Hera uses multilingual communication tools to spread good practices and implement shared value creation. In order to reach the largest number of people, the Group produces Multilanguage informative material (Italian, English, Mandarin, French, Arabic, Russian and Urdu).TRUE
Easy credit recovery for disadvantaged peopleRead more Sostegno Hera

Hera's initiatives to support users facing financial hardship
The Group has developed a facilitated repayment plan that takes into account economic needs of customers in difficulty. The project has been active since 2016TRUE
Projects and products designed for inclusionCircula smart city action areas

Circular smart city
With the circular smart city project, Hera is creating a city that facilitates the use of services and inclusion. The ecological recycling islands can be used by disabled people even in wheelchairs while surveillance cameras connected to security bodies make the area safer for all.TRUE
Multi-stakeholder solidarityOver Euro 63,500 collected by employees towards local non-profit organisationsHeraSolidale was created to promote among its workers the support of no profit associations. Thanks to this project all workers can, through a monthly withdrawal of 1 to 5 euros, support associations and their solidarity projects. The beneficiary bodies have been chosen by the workers themselves. 

Ethical indexes including hera.

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