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Control and risk committees

In accordance with Principle 8 of the Corporate governance code, the Internal control committee is tasked with overseeing the operation of the internal control system, the efficiency of company operations, the reliability of financial information, compliance with the law and with regulations, and protection of company assets. It is also in charge of maintaining relationships with related parties and expresses opinions that might be binding in cases of large-value transactions.

We highlight that the only variation from Corporate governance code concerns the transfer of some tasks from Internal control committee to Board of statutory auditors (letters c), d) and e) of the paragraph 8.C.3). Through this variation, the control by Board of statutory auditors is more effective.

This body, composed of four non-executive independent directors, has an advisory role and may also make proposals.

It should be noted that Chairman Giovanni Basile and Director Erwin P.W. Rauhe hold specific expertise in accounting finance.

MembersRole in HeraRole in committeeExecutive - Non executive - Independent
Giovanni BasileVice PresidentChairmanIndependent - Non executive
Erwin Paul Walter RauheDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive
Duccio RegoliDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive
Sara LorenzonDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive

Page updated 23 November 2018

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