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Jens Klint Hansen

Director of Investor Relations

Jens Klint Hansen

Born in Ottawa (Canada) in 1967 and has a degree in business finance. He joined Iser S.r.l. in Genoa and Milan as a controller in 1994, before becoming senior consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance in Milan in 1996 and investor relations and corporate development officer at Art'e' S.p.A. in Bologna in 2000. He has been investor relations manager at Hera Group since 2003, reporting to the chairman of the board of directors and charged with defining, implementing and managing relations and communications strategies with investors, financial analysts and stock market authorities.

Since January 2010, as part of the group’s organisational and corporate restructuring, he has been Director of Investor Relations.


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Page updated 9 August 2018

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