value of public tenders
awarded by adopting the
economically most
advantageous bid method
of total tenders
awarded on the basis of the most
economically advantageous bid
average score
assigned to sustainability
in tender awards

Raw material supplies

In 2017, the natural gas sold by the Group companies controlled by Hera Comm was purchased for around 12% from Eni Gas & Power, approximately 46% was purchased from Edison, around 6% from Enel Trade and 36% via Hera Trading (which, in turn, purchased spot gas on the main European hubs and at the virtual exchange point).

With regard to the electricity market, 40% of sales to final customers on the eligible and protected market were covered by bilateral purchases from other operators, with 60% sourced on the electricity market. The methods for trading electricity, both via sourcing on the electricity exchange and, more generally through bilateral agreements, do not allow for the tracing of the sources of energy in order to be able to certify the type of production upstream.

The composition of the energy mix used for the generation of electricity sold by Hera Comm in 2016 is calculated according to the matters established by the decree of the Ministry for Economic Development dated 31 July 2009, and involves a portion from renewable sources equal to 19% (from the 30% of the previous year) for the customers of the free market and 17% (from the 27% of the previous year) for customers of the non-eligible market. The decrease in this percentage depends on the change in the Italian complementary mix, which for the renewable sources passed from 26.8% in 2015 to 16% in 2016.