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Group drinking water, 1,100 per day, of which 63% on the supply network

The costs of Hera’s services for an average customer (real consumption)


The costs of Hera’s services for an average customer (real consumption)
Euro 2016 2017 Ch.2017/2016 Ch. % 2017/2016
Gas 693.02 680.38 -12.64 -1.8%
Electricity 299.71 351.90 52.2 17.4%
Water service 224.48 236.54 12.06 5.4%
Effluents and waste 239.71 241.78 2.07 0.9%
Total 1,456.92 1,510,60 53.68 3.7%
of which attributed to Hera 641.80 702.90 61.09 9.5%
of which attributed to raw materials and generation 366.74 392.53 25.79 7.0%
of which duties, taxes, system charges and other charges 448.38 415.18 -33.20 -7.4%

The following table shows the average household expenditure in 2017 compared to the previous year for the four services provided by Hera based on the average consumption of gas, electricity and water over the two years considered: 857 m3 for gas in 2017 (-1.2% compared to 2016), 1,832 kWh of electricity (+2.1%) and 111 m3 of water (+0.9%). For the waste service, a family of 3 members living in an 80 sq.m flat was considered.

In 2017, the average family spent a total of Euro 1511 on the services supplied by Hera, 3.7% more than in 2016. In particular, the increase in electricity bills was a significant factor compared to last year. Compared to 2017, in fact, there was an increase in the prices of this service of approximately Euro 52 as a result of the new tariff structure that eliminates the progressiveness of the tariff brackets. The increase in volumes of electricity consumed (+2.1% compared to 2016) is in addition to the above effect. The decrease of about Euro 12 compared to 2016 is due to a decrease in Hera’s share (Euro -5) and a decrease in taxes, duties and charges. In addition, there was a reduction in the volumes of gas consumed (-1.2%), again compared to 2016, due to seasonal factors.

47% of overall spending, amounting to Euro 703 (44% in the previous year), is attributable to the components of bills pertaining to Hera. This share has increased in 2017 by Euro 61, broken down as follows: Euro -5 for gas, Euro +53 for electricity, Euro +11 for water and Euro +2 for waste.

The costs of Hera’s services for an average customer (real consumption)

Based on an analysis considering equal volumes used by an average Hera customer, for 2017, the overall cost of services decreased by 2.1%, amounting to Euro 42, compared to 2016. This result is due to:

  • a Euro 39 increase of the cost of raw materials and of generation, directly related to fuel price trends;
  • a Euro 30 increase of the bill components attributable to Hera. This increase corresponds to 1.5% of the total amount of the bills considered: it is due to increases of Euro 26 for electricity, Euro 11 for the water service and Euro 2 for waste management and a decrease of Euro 9 for gas;
  • a Euro 27 decrease in duties, taxes, system charges and other charges, due mainly to a decrease of system charges of the electricity expense.