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The leadership model

A good number of leadership model dissemination initiatives continued to be carried out in 2017. In February, meetings were organised to present the new model to managers and middle-managers (for a total of 980 training hours delivered).

Between May and July, 12 training courses on the new leadership model skills were delivered to directors, managers and middle-managers: around 600 managers, who thanks to the collaboration with the non-profit organisation Raise against Hunger – created with the aim of reducing hunger in the world – worked to allow the preparation of 160,000 meals for children in Zimbabwe. The initiative allowed over 400 children to have a meal for one year.

A platform was also created in which multimedia content was introduced (articles, videos, e-learning courses, slides, tests) to spread and examine the model contents, open to all staff (over 5,000 people).

In December, Ornella Chinotti, Managing Director West Europe at CEB-Gatner and Eugenio Sidoli, Chairman and Managing Director of Philip Morris Italia, held a workshop for managers.

During 2017, training on the leadership model involved a total of over 6,800 hours.