people hired
thanks to the induced employment
generated by Hera in 2017
million euro
Investments in innovation and
digitalization. 13 projects in smart city,
circular economy and 4.0 utilities
of reused soil
in projects implemented in 2016
and 2017

The main areas of innovation in the Hera Group, also in line with the Group’s Business Plan, can be summarized as follows:

  • Circular Economy aimed at environmental sustainability, promotion of the value of materials and maximization of waste and scrap recovery.
  • Customer Experience aimed at understanding the needs and desired, expressed and not, of consumers in order to shape our actions to improve their level of satisfaction.
  • Utility 4.0 with activities linked to implementing new technologies, particularly in IT, for the digitalization and flexibility of processes, the enhancement of data and the efficient use of resources.
  • Smart City to introduce technologies in cities to improve their liveability and the services provided to the community

To encourage and boost innovation in the businesses it manages, the Group has also launched social innovation initiatives, involving both external stakeholders and employees. With the HeraLAB project, detailed in the paragraph “Dialogue with our stakeholders” of this Report, 6 local multi-stakeholder committees have been set up since 2013, which have been assigned the task of suggesting initiatives to improve the sustainability of the services we offer. Since 2013, 29 initiatives have been implemented, most of which are centred on waste management services with innovative features in terms of communication, environmental education, waste prevention and the fight against wastage.

The workers were involved through the Heureka project and its evolution HEuRekA+ described in the case studies of this chapter.