people hired
thanks to the induced employment
generated by Hera in 2017
million euro
Investments in innovation and
digitalization. 13 projects in smart city,
circular economy and 4.0 utilities
of reused soil
in projects implemented in 2016
and 2017

Sponsorships and donations are also among the positive effects of the Hera Group in the areas it serves, which make up the added value distributed to stakeholders. Hera Group continues to identify and reward significant partnerships that are in the interest of the area and that stimulate its growth, fostering positive relationships and promoting the proactive role of the Group in the areas it serves.

(thousands of Euro)euro 2015 2016 2017
Recreational activities 74 202 160
Culture 1,111 1,152 1,071
Sports 552 484 297
Social 378 44 31
Environmental 99 421 360
Other 144 209 168
Total 2,358 2,513 2,087
of which to the areas served by Hera 2,289 2,354 2,042
of which in areas not served by Hera 69 159 45

In 2017 the Hera Group contributed to over Euro 2 million of sponsorships that in various fields contributed to enrich the content and the initiatives of the local communities. In fact, of the total of sponsorships, 98% was allocated to the local area.

In this perspective, the Group’s commitment to promoting art, music, cinema, theatre, sports and the environment becomes the driver both to convey highly artistic content, and to make it usable and accessible to all.

The Hera Group continued this year to reward important initiatives in the areas served, since caring for the area also means identifying and giving value to initiatives that are capable of stimulating social and cultural growth, to achieve an overall improvement in the quality of people’s lives.

In 2017, the Group supported 130 activities in the fields of art, music, cinema, theatre and sports.

Art. We supported exhibitions, shows and major projects during 2017. Among the most significant partnerships also in terms of attendance, there was the “Art Decò” exhibition held at the Musei San Domenico of Forlì in the first half of the year. The exhibition presented an artistic movement transformed into a real lifestyle, flowing into the arts, associating with the emerging languages of advertising and helping to affirm Made in Italy around the world.

Public and clients were also welcomed at the 9 exhibits and meetings with the most important graphic novelists on the national and international scene on the occasion of the eleventh edition of “Bilbolbul“, the international comic strip festival held in Bologna of which Hera Group is the main partner, as well as founder. In this context, Hera supported the exhibition entitled “First works” dedicated to Mattotti, the most important and well-known Italian cartoonist and illustrator. Also in Bologna, Hera’s supported Fotoindustria, a biennial photography exhibit dedicated to industry and work, thanks to which many visitors were able to discover places usually not accessible to the public, opening unexpected glimpses of great historical and artistic depth. In addition, the Group supported the SìFest of Savignano sul Rubicone, the famous photo contest that in September transforms this town in Romagna into a meeting point for internationally famous artists, enthusiasts and amateur photographers.  The collaboration with the renowned International Ceramics Museum of Faenza continues, to promote the exhibition “Between Symbolism and Liberty: Achille Calzi“, the culmination of an important retrospective work on a pivotal artist of cultural history and of the symbolist and liberty production of our country.

Hera collaborated with the Modena Philosophy Festival in 2017, on the theme of the arts, with a focus on artist practices and forms of creation in all areas of production. Our Group highlighted the topic by organizing the “Scart, the beautiful and useful side of waste” exhibition, which exhibited works made by students of the Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna and Florence, such as portraits of famous people and sculptures of animals, made by reusing waste materials.

Access to culture and support for the area are clearly evident in the Group’s support of SalaBorsa, Bologna’s most important library which thanks to Hera’s support can now stay open on Sundays.

Theatre. Our collaboration with the Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, (International Festival of Outdoor Theatre) now at its 47th edition, continues. It is held every July in Santarcangelo di Romagna. With Hera’s support, the Festival opens up even more to internationality and continues in the direction of contemporary language and experimentation. The Group also supported ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro fondazione), the permanent public theatre present in 5 cities (Modena, Vignola, Castelfranco, Bologna and Cesena), whose mission is to promote theatre, by organizing shows designed with, and for cities. The Group also contributed to theatres in Romagna: the “Rossini” in Lugo, the network of theatres of Valmarecchia and the Unione Valconca in the Rimini area.

Music. Every year, the Hera Group identifies the concert seasons of absolute excellence, that are capable of attracting a diverse audience. Among these were the Fondazione Musica Insieme and the Bologna Festival with the exhibition “The Great Performers” and “The New and the Ancient” dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the death of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Hera supported this innovative project that allowed the public to gain more in-depth knowledge of the great German musician, considered one of the most important composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Among the theatrical seasons, special mention goes to the collaboration with the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, another excellence of the area, confirms the combination of tradition and experimentation in its programme, with new productions supported by Hera, such as the works Aida and Tosca.

Support was also confirmed for the Ravenna Festival, one of the most important Italian cultural events. The Hera Group sponsored the project dedicated to Dante’s Inferno: the whole city became the stage of a travelling show that started at the Supreme Poet’s tomb and ended at the Rasi Theatre.

The historical collaboration with Bilbolbul allowed us to identify Lorenzo Mattiotti as the artist to create the original illustrations for the 2017 edition of the Bologna Jazz Festival.

Hera is the main sponsor of the music festival and has supported the customization of two jazz buses that have become travelling works of art, allowing users to learn about the festival’s programme. On the occasion of the inauguration, a jam session was held inside one of the buses.

We also confirmed our partnership with the Ferrara Buskers Festival, an international festival of street musicians; with the Porretta Soul Festival and with the Verucchio Music Festival events that present top ranking musicians on the international scene.

Cinema. Among the successful partnerships, Hera confirms its support for the promotion of film culture. Among the most prestigious partnerships, we consolidated our support, as main sponsor, of the Bologna Cineteca, that by producing the “Il cinema ritrovato” (Cinema rediscovered) and “Sotto le stelle del Cinema” (Cinema under the stars) reviews, not only offered great masterpieces, but also gave thousands of people free access every evening to the shows projected in Piazza Maggiore during the summer. We also renewed our partnership with Biografilm Festival, which in the 2017 edition introduced the Biografilm Hera Theatre, where many screenings were held during the famous festival. We confirmed our interest for theatre and cinema also by supporting initiatives that take place in other areas, such as Sassuolo, with “Cinema Estivo”, and in 10 municipalities near Imola, with “Rassegne itineranti”.

Sports and Social activities. In the field of sports, Hera confirmed its collaboration with the fourth RiminiMarathon which in spring brought to Romagna thousands of athletes and many families from all over the peninsula. They all helped to finance charitable activities. Hera promotes sport as well-being and as a driver for solidarity by organizing a broad range of events. Among the most important events is the Bologna stage of the Race for the Cure, a “pink” race to raise awareness on the importance of breast cancer prevention, and to promote correct information on the matter. In 2017, we renewed our collaboration with the Diabetes Marathon, to support the activities of Forlì’s diabetics’ association and the Laboratori del Benessere, group courses that provide information on healthy lifestyles. In addition, in the Ravenna area, the Group supported the ItineRA initiative, an event dedicated to walking, rediscovering the environment, the history and the culture of one’s area.

Lastly, Hera is at the side of the world of basketball in Ravenna and Imola by supporting the youth teams of Ravenna Basketball and Andrea Costa Imola Basket, and in Bologna with the under 14-16 and 18 teams of Rugby 1928.


Environment. The partnerships set up throughout the area we serve were further supported by attentive provision of the services. This sensitivity is quite evident in the Trashware project, the initiative that, thanks to Hera, has made it possible to donate materials recovered from old PCs to associations or to individuals in need. In many initiatives, in addition, Hera has provided distribution of mains water by installing mobile Urban Springs.

At the national level, the Group participated in the Water Festival, which took place in Bari, an important event dedicated to the state of the planet’s water resources. The engineers of our Group presented the best practices used in the water sector in the area we serve.

In 2017, the Hera Group also continued to cooperate with over 80 local associations which can thus benefit from innovative services and advantageous supply conditions. In 2017, we started collaboration with FIGC Umbria, in which Hera Comm is among the association’s official relations: the agreement is not only an opportunity for savings for all the affiliated companies but also an important opportunity to make Hera Comm and the Hera Group well-known across the region.

Support for the local areas, in particular for those affected by the recent earthquakes, has always been one of the Group’s key principles and our agreement with Confcommercio of L’Aquila intends to be a concrete gesture in this direction. Another initiative that promotes the area and autumn culinary traditions is the Gastronomic Week End: the initiative was organized by Ascom Confcommercio of Pesaro and Urbino with the collaboration of Hera Comm and was attended by over 60 restaurants in the surrounding region.

Hera Comm also contributed to the second edition of the national Cambiamenti award organized by CNA Parma: the event awards start-ups that have been able to promote their local areas, also through technological innovation, bringing positive change in economic, social or cultural terms. In 2017, two important collaborations also continued: the first with Ascom Confcommercio Bologna which, by providing the Gold Card, offers dedicated consultancy from Hera Comm and exclusive bonuses with the services. The second is the one with the Arci of Reggio Emilia, under which Hera Comm set up a sales and information corner at the summer cinema evenings organized by the association.


(thousands of Euro) 2015 2016 2017
Recreational activitiestd> 20 4 5
Culture 100 100 159
Sports 9 7 9
Social 100 147 134
Environmental 58 5 38
Other 23 17
Total 310 272 361
of which to the areas served by Hera 299 259 268
of which in areas not served by Hera 11 14 93

Donations are a further opportunity for supporting the area, an action in which Hera Group actively supports the weakest social categories.

In 2017, the Group donated over Euro 361,000, 74% of which to the local area. About 81% of donations are for cultural and social purposes.

That kindness is extended also thanks to the HeraSolidale that supports eleven associations (one for each area) by monthly donations debited directly to the employee’s pay-checks. In 2017, Hera contributed to the initiative by doubling the overall amount donated by workers in 2016.

Also, in 2017, Hera renewed its membership in organizations and associations involved in both disease prevention (through scientific research) and patient care. Some examples among many are our support for the LILT association which finances research projects in the field of cancer, and for the ASPHI not-for-profit organization, which in Bologna, through new technologies, promotes the integration of disabled people in schools, work and society, as well as other Emilia-Romagna organizations that continue to implement valuable projects.

On this topic, it is worth remembering the support – since its creation in 2010 – provided to the Cesena-based Fondazione Romagna Solidale which thanks to the will of 50 businesses brings together the forces of the area to improve the quality of life of weaker categories by supporting non-profit organizations in fields such as healthcare, disabilities, care for the elderly, training for youngsters. The Foundation also worked in the areas affected by the earthquake, donating housing modules.

Further on the social front, the Group is also a partner of the Mantello, based in Ferrara, which provides income support by distributing basic necessities, and also by offering training opportunities, work orientation and social and health services, family budget management, education for responsible consumption and promotion of active citizenship.

Hera also directed part of its donations to the cultural sector, supporting for example the Muse Association, involved in promoting educational activities and the Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, which houses an important part of the sports and technological heritage of Made in Italy.

Lastly, in the environmental field, the Group collaborates with the Fondazione Cetacea, the Centro di Recupero Cura e Riabilitazione di Riccione, which is active in the rescue of animals in distress, especially sea turtles and cetaceans.

The company policy, unchanged for 2017, does not provide, in accordance with what is defined in the Code of Ethics, the provision of contributions of any kind to parties or politicians.