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Hera Group and Salesforce sign new staretgic agreement for an increasingly smarter management of customers


The message from overseas arrives loud and clear: focusing on innovation and digitalisation means meeting customers’ needs. This is evidenced by the new agreement signed by Hera Group and Salesforce, the global leader in CRM.

Herambiente, national leader and European benchmark in the waste treatment industry, selects Salesforce Sales Cloud to support its sales force with advanced sales applications, customer support, marketing and community management support, and other important management tools based on artificial intelligence and data analytics. The agreement just signed, in particular, aims to accompany the development and reinforcement of a big industrial reality such as Herambiente, providing increasingly innovative tools to better manage the relationship with its customers, who can rely on integrated services for taking on every type of waste. Herambiente treats 6.3 million tons of waste every year and nowadays is facing a growth path that new CRM applications can direct towards further efficiency and functionality objectives, by optimizing and harmonizing the processes of its various companies.

Moreover, the agreement includes other innovative tools that will allow Area Managers of Hera Group to manage relations with public administrations in a more flexible and collaborative way, in the interest of local communities and in line with the orientation of the Italian multiutility, historically oriented to team up with local territories.

Hera Group and Salesforce also agree on a common business concept, oriented for both companies to creating shared value. The two companies are committed to promoting renewable energy use: Hera electricity consumption is 100% offset by renewable sources which are equally used by Salesforce for two of its office buildings at global headquarters in San Francisco. All this means lower carbon emissions in support of the fight against climate change, a cause which both companies are particularly active and involved. Both Hera Group and Salesforce are members of CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, non-profit organization that offers companies, countries, regions and cities, a system to measure, detect, manage and share information on their environmental impact at global level, with the aim of encouraging all parties to undertake sustainable development.

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