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Webranking 2017: Hera Group ranked third-best in Italy for on-line communications

In this 2017 edition of the on-line communications 'Oscars', the Hera Group has again made it onto the Webranking podium. The multi-utility will receive the acknowledgement - obtained as part of a survey carried out by Lundquist and Swedish firm Comprend, both communications experts - on 22nd November, in the Buzzati Room at the headquarters of the Corriere della Sera newspaper in Milan. Every year these two companies analyse the websites of the biggest Italian companies on the stock exchange and their respective on-line communication strategies. They then draw up national rankings for 112 businesses. The purpose of the survey is to promote a modern digital business culture and encourage the development of ever-more effective, innovative ideas that respond to stakeholders' expectations.

In this 16th edition of the report Hera was ranked 3rd with a score of 91.5/100, ahead of other major players like ERG, Telecom Italia TIM, Mondadori and Enel. Among the multi-utilities, this year saw Hera come second, immediately after Eni. All results can be found at this link.

More specifically, the Group is ranked as one of the best Italian companies in the fields of Financial Transparency, Sustainability and Corporate Governance. Key strong points in the multi-utility's web communication strategy are the on-line publication of its Annual Report and Sustainability Report. The latter, which contains non-financial information, is drawn up by fewer than half of the surveyed companies. Hera, instead, has issued a paper version since 2002 and an on-line one since 2006.
Against a background in which still only a few companies focus on stakeholders' expectations, a key role is also played by Hera's years of attentiveness, on its website, to the subject of Governance.

Such results can only be obtained through ongoing, meticulous teamwork and a constant quest for excellence. Externally generated inputs also have a role to play, the most important being that from Webranking which, every year, defines best on-line communication practices through stakeholder-focused research.

The Hera Group doesn't just see its website as a calling card or a showcase of results that have been achieved. It is, rather, a platform for continuous dialogue with the various stakeholders, packed with engaging content and easily browsed on PC, tablet or smartphone.
This is demonstrated, for example, by renewal - in terms of both graphics and content - of sections on subjects such as Investor relations, Social Responsibility and Communications and Media; constant upgrading of the Customer Area so that citizens who use Hera services are well informed at all times; the creation of new pages dedicated to Hera's new challenges, such as the recent “Hera for the circular economy”.

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