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Independent auditors

The Shareholders' meeting granted the assignment for auditing the financial statements, the consolidated financial statements and the performance of all the activities envisaged by Legislative decree 58/98, as amended, to the independent auditors companyDeloitte & Touche spa.

The assignment for Gruppo Hera is currently carried out bymr. Mauro Di Bartolomeo.

According to art.149-duodecies of Issuers' Regulations, the following tab highlights Pricewaterhouse Coopers Independent auditors remuneration and covers the previousfinancial year:

Art. 149 duodecies of the Issuers' regulations
(Auditing services to consolidated financial report -'000 )201720162015201420132012
Services provided to certify the financial statements563539227+301*908590749
Other services provided by auditors in issuing certification2442552+152*242128148
Other services provided by independent auditors8011305+535*45876680

Competences and other assignments of Hera's independent auditors

Latest report by independent auditors
Archive: Reports by independent auditors

Page updated 19 April 2018

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