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Growth strategy combining low-risk activities with free competition striving for greater efficiency.


Hera operates in an extensive area throughout Emilia-Romagna, in part of the province of Pesaro-Urbino and the in the provinces of Padua and Trieste.


Hera presents a multi utility business model, supplied to around 3.6 million customers.
Waste: urban waste collection and urban/special waste process and management
Network: distribution of water, gas, electricity and central heating
Energy: sell and trading of gas and Energyelectricity, electric generation


Hera's goal is to be the best multiutility in Italy for its customers, workforce and shareholders. It aims to achieve this through further development of an original corporate model capable of innovation and of forging strong links with the areas in which it operates by respecting the local environment.


Sustainability has always played a key role in Hera's strategy ever since its establishment. The approach adopted by the Group is based on integrating sustainability in its planning and control systems and, therefore, in the management of its business activities. This aspect has been effectively implemented through a balanced scorecard system involving all the company management and with our constant commitment to stakeholder reporting, which is confirmed by publishing the Sustainability Report on a yearly basis ever since the Group's establishment and since 2007 concurrently with the Financial Statements.
Competitiveness and sustainable development for the company and local area in which the company operates form the vision at the basis of Group's approach towards corporate social responsibility and sustainability.


Hera was established on November 1st 2002 through the merger of 11 similar companies operating in neighbouring areas in northern Italy

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