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Sustainability report

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Our 2017 sustainability report... is completely new: the scenario and our answers

We are proud to present this year a completely new sustainability report which allows us - once again - to testify our strong commitment to a system of accountability and the central role we assign to measuring the results achieved and the impacts generated, with the aim of identifying room for improvement and effectively communicating with our stakeholders.

Our sustainability report for 2017 offers a new and cutting-edge representation of its content, which focuses on the creating shared value (Csv), in line with the strategic approach towards sustainability we established in 2016. From this perspective, the results achieved by the Group and our future targets are brought together - for the first time - with a summary of the scenario regarding sustainability, taking into account the size of Hera’s businesses, in order to represent our positioning and provide our own response to the important challenges faced by the communities for whom we work.

The 2017 Sustainability Report was approved by the Board of Directors of Hera S.p.A. on 27 March 2018.

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