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More dialogue and feedback with HeraLAB

LAB is the acronym of Local Advisory Board. Our LABs are the means that Hera provides to the areas in which it operates as structured channels for listening to, and discussing with local communities. The participants of the HeraLABs get together 4 to 6 times a year to discuss the local needs and propose initiatives aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the services offered by the company. Launched experimentally in 2013 in the Ravenna and Imola-Faenza areas, the project was extended, in 2014, to Rimini, Ferrara and Bologna and in 2015 to the Modena area. Sixty-nine stakeholder representatives participate in the 6 active Labs. In 2016, 15 ordinary meetings were held, besides 3 in-depth discussion meetings. Also, as part of the "Suppliers: setting up a focus group on tenders and contracts" initiative by the Ravenna HeraLAB, 4 meetings of the "Suppliers roundtable" were held. In 2016, 12 initiatives were launched, while 14 have been completed. The progress of the work of the LABs is available on a dedicated website: www.heralab.gruppohera.it.

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