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Our model

Hera's Corporate governance system is effective to evaluate and assess the inputs from an increasingly complex economic and social context.

The strong roots in the geographical areas of operation are strengthened as a result of unceasing dialogue which consists in developing an open, transparent "way of doing business".


Hera develops and promotes corporate policies aimed at a balanced approach toward meeting the needs of all stakeholders. Each of the company's actions and relations with stakeholders is based on its mission, its values and its code of ethics.

Who are we looking for?

We want work to be a source of satisfaction and pride for our employees, not just an important factor in the success of the company. That is why we are always committed to using the experience and enhancing the skills of all our staff, as well as promoting cooperation and the exchange of knowledge.

Innovation & technology

The Hera Group is one of the leading firms in Italy in managing services related to the water cycle, in the energy sector and environmental services management. The Group is also responsible for public park maintenance, management of public lighting and traffic lights and of the District Heating.

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Corporate Film
Alexis Ulens
Alexis Ulens