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Human resources

Human resources

We want work to be a source of satisfaction and pride for our employees, not just an important factor in the success of the company. That is why we are always committed to using the experience and enhancing the skills of all our staff, as well as promoting cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. We want to reward those who adhere to our mission and values, using a culture of dialogue to promote the circulation of information and the feeling of belonging to a single, integrated group.

Code of ethics

A tool for implementing good models of behaviour, a reference point and a guide for those working at Hera who wish to follow the Code of Ethics that was established in 2007 and updated in 2010, 2013 and 2016 through a mode of participation that specifically involves the workforce.

Leadership model

The Group has also devised a distinctive Leadership Model that describes the key behaviour necessary to bring the Mission and Values to life.
The Model is therefore the interpretation of corporate strategy and serves as a reference point for the day to day behaviour of the entire workforce.


HerAcademy is the Hera Group's corporate university, the first corporate university to be set up by a local utility company. It was established in 2011 to make the most of our distinctive core business know-how, to aid cooperation and skill sharing among Hera personnel and to maintain and redistribute the unique wealth of knowledge that exists within the company and the university system.


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