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The Hera Group expands in the electrical energy production sector

The Hera Group consolidates its presence in the electrical energy sector through the 32% acquisition of Tamarete Energia, a company based in Ortona, Chieti province, that already offers a 5.5 MW capacity and by the end of 2010 will finish construction of a 104 MW combined cycle gas turbine.

Partnering Hera in this project with a 48% share is the Swiss company BKW FMB Energie SA, through its Italian subsidiary BKW Italia SpA, and Odoardo Zecca srl in Ortona with a 20% investment.

The plant, which for its technical characteristics will have significant operating flexibility, adds further consistency to Hera's plant portfolio. The total investment for the new plant will be around Euro 90 million. The Tamarete project is yet another milestone in Hera's upstream electrical energy consolidation strategy, which in the next few days will see a key contribution from thelaunch of the 80 MW CCGT co-generation plant in Imola, Bologna province.

The equity investment transaction on Tamarete Energia will be subjected to the necessary Antitrust Authority controls.

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