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Hera’s shareholder structure is particular among Italian utility companies, as it does not have one shareholder with absolute control while its shareholder base consists more than 20,000 private Italian and foreign investors (natural and legal persons active in non-financial activities) and 118 public shareholders entered into a shareholders’ agreement which brings together 51.3% of the share capital.


Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • Investor relations activities: meetings with 412 investors
  • Yearly publication of the calendar of corporate events
  • Newsletter for all investors
  • High participation of shareholders (77% of share capital) in the meeting held on 28 April 2016

Page updated 26 July 2017

An "Hera" that has been flowing for 15 years
Un'Hera che scorre da 15 anni
Shared value
Un bilancio di sostenibilità a valore condiviso 2016
Responsible services
Responsible services