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Shared Value and Strategic Priorities

Why do we want to create shared value?

Shared Value is our new strategic approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability, defined in 2016 to maximise joint value creation for both the company and the community in which we are active.

Shared Value creation by the Hera Group concerns all the activities and projects that generate operating profit margins and respond to the calls to action originating from the "Global Agenda", i.e. the instructions designed to introduce sustainability-oriented changes within Hera's spheres of activity, recommended by policies at global, European, national and local level.

What is the relationship between CSR and creation of shared value for Hera?

Our new approach to CSR and sustainability adds the creation of shared value (CSV) perspective to that of sustainability integration into business strategy and business operations. This approach translates into activities and projects that:

  • improve the company's performance in terms of environmental and social sustainability, mostly related to business management and also to industry standards;
  • generate operating profit margins responding to "Global Agenda" priorities.

Hera will be able to increase its generated shared value by expanding the overlap between business and "Global Agenda" priorities.


What is the "Global agenda"?

In 2016 we analysed 22 global, European, national and local policies to identify sustainability-oriented change requirements that could be of interest for Hera.

On the basis of these analyses, we identified 9 impact areas that we grouped into 3 areas - representing "Global Agenda" priorities on which to focus our action.


The 10 un agenda coals for 2030 of interest for Hera

The UN Agenda for 2030 is an action plan for people, the planet and global prosperity, signed in 2015 by governments of the 193 UN member states who have pledged to reach 17 identified goals by 2030.

Among them, we identified 10 which we have associated  with our 56 "We will ..." (goals for the future) listed in this report.

How do we measure shared value?

33% of our Operating Profit Margin (OPM)in 2016, equal to approximately 300 million euro, was generated by activities and projects in line with the priorities of the "Global Agenda" -which we divided into the following three areas:


Valuation in terms of Gross Operating Margin refers to the share of industrial income attributable to activities and projects that respond to the sustainability-oriented change requirements mentioned in the "Global Agenda".

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