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Executive committee

Article 23.3 of the By-laws provide that the B.o.d. may appoint an Executive committee and establish its powers. This body has the duty of expressing an opinion, prior to submittal to the Board of directors, on particularly important issues:

  • Annual definition of the Group business plan
  • Definition of the budget
  • Draft financial statements
  • Proposed appointments of top level executives

The Committee also has decisional power on issues with economic-financial implications, of amounts exceeding the limits established for the Chairman and the C.E.O., but which are not strategically significant when compared to the Group economic-financial amounts.

MembersRole in HeraRole in committee
Tomaso Tommasi di VignanoChairmanChairman
Giovanni BasileVice ChairmanVice Chairman
Stefano VenierC.E.O.Member
Alessandro Melcarne *DirectorMember

* Appointed 8 November 2018 in place of Federica Seganti

Page updated 23 November 2018

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