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In this sector, Hera's activity basically consists of management of integrated water service, namely collection, treatment, distribution, sewerage and purification.


Management of the integrated water Service pertains to the technical activities relating to the operation of the water supply, sewerage and purification plants and networks.

HERA's basic activity in the water sector concerns management of the Integrated Water Service.


In 2014, 3.5 million cubic metres of water was consumed at the Group's plants and sites (excluding Marche Multiservizi).


One of Hera Group's key water service objectives is to strive for customer satisfaction by guaranteeing perfect water quality in addition to all the technical services necessary to ensure continuity of supply.


The HERA group controls the water quality for all stages of the integrated water service: water supply system, sewers and wastewater treatment.

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2018 Economic results - Comments of the Hera Group President
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