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The Hera Board of Directors approves the Q3 financial results on 13 November 2019. A conference call and a presentation webcast will be held on the same day at 3.00 pm.


In line with the past experience, the new Business Plan aims to create value for the main stakeholders through a growth strategy leveraging both internal and external lines. The Group has also set the evolution of its activities in order to improve the quality and resilience of the services offered to customers, focusing increasingly on customer experience and engagement. The strategy envisages a major infrastructural development and a further evolution of the service, with investments of € 3.12 billion (+ € 260m compared to the previous plan) in the period, to support an increase in EBITDA to 2022 up to € 1.165 billion of euro, 40% of which deriving from shared value activities.


In the second quarter of 2019 results are still growing, thanks to the contribution of all business areas, both in free market activities and in regulated activities, in particular the water cycle and gas sector. Positive results also came from the electricity, waste management and other services areas, including public lighting.
Overall, the half-year results confirm the Group's winning strategy, based on a business model that balances regulated and free-market activities, and brings internal growth together with attention towards the opportunities in external growth offered by the market.

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