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Hera Two Words


The Hera Group operates in 349 municipalities, providing energy and waste management services to 4.4 million people

The Hera Group is a leading Italian multiutility company. It supplies gas, water, electricity and waste management services to 349 municipalities in 5 Italian regions (Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, and Tuscany).

The Hera Group supplies energy (gas, electricity), water (mains water, sewer systems, and water treatment) and waste (collection and disposal) services to over 4 million citizens.


Hera is Italy's leading multiutility in terms of waste treated and the second-largest in terms of supplied water volumes

Concerning treated waste (7.3 million tonnes), Hera was Italy's leading waste management multiutility in 2018. It was the country's second-largest multiutility in terms of supplied water volumes (291 million cubic metres), the third-largest Italian gas and electricity provider by number of customers (1.5 million gas customers and 1 million electricity customers)




Gas customers 1.5 million
Gas sold 6.2 billion cubic metres
Water customers 1.4 million
Water sold 291 million cubic metres
Electricity customers 1 million
Electricity sold 11.9 terawatt-hours
Waste treated 7.3 million tonnes
Workers at 31/12 8,777

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