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A customer-oriented service. More quality, more digitization

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More Quality More Satisfaction

A customer-oriented service. More quality, more satisfaction

The quality of gas and electricity services is regulated by general and specific regulations that involve automatic customer compensation when not conformed. Such compensation ranges from Euro 30 to 140, depending on the type of service provided. It may also increase based on late performance or payment period. The waste management Service Charter - drawn up according to requirements set out by the regulatory authorities - sets minimum quality standards. Hera's district heating systems involve voluntary quality monitoring of key services and automatic compensations in the case failure in complying with the Quality Charter of the district heating service occurs. As for water service, the automatic compensation is applied from 1 July 2016 with the resolution Aeegsi 655/2015.

The overall data are in line with 2018: over 3.1 million performances were provided in 2019, and the Group granted the service requested by the customer within the timeframe set by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment (Arera) in 99.5% of the situations.

In almost all cases, the single services showed a consolidation of good results compared to those already obtained in 2018. In particular, there is a consolidation of the most performed gas services: 99.7% as for meter-reading frequency for billing purposes, 100% as for compliance with the punctuality range for appointments, and 99.8% as for activation of gas supply. As for the electricity service, the activation of electricity supply - the service performed the most times - slightly decreased from 99.3% to 98.6%. As for the water service, the high standard of the most performed services is confirmed: 98.9% as for compliance with the punctuality range for appointments, 98.8% as for transfer of registration, and 94.4% and 99.1% as for activation and deactivation of supply respectively.


Gas 99.6% 2,819,849
Electricity 98.1% 63,287
Water service 98.2% 224,157
District heating 95.6% 1,556
Total 99.5% 3,108,849



Gas 79
Electricity 78
Water 75
Sanitation 73
Overall satisfaction with services 76


Billing quality and growing customer satisfaction

Hera continues its efforts to improve the qualityof water service billing by reducing calculations based on estimated consumption while making greater use of meter reading data - 2 reading attempts for consumption levels between 0 and 500 m3 per year, 4 for consumption levels between 501 and 1,800 m3 per year, and 3 for consumption levels between 1,801 and 3,000 m3 per year, higher than Authority's obligations - and by further promoting self-readings. Gas service bills calculations based on estimated consumption are gradually being reduced as well by increasing the number of electronic gas meters to 710 thousand as of the end of 2019 (43.1% of the total). 

Closer, just a click away

In 2019, the Group has continued its path of making the means for communicating with customers more digital, by providing applications for mobile devices, developing online services, and activating electronic billing service.

At the end of 2019:

  • 24% of Hera's customers registered for online services.
  • 30% of Hera’s customers decided to receive their bill by e-mail.
  • 400 thousand customers downloaded Acquologo and Rifiutologo mobile apps.
  • 230 thousand customers downloaded My Hera mobile app.

Acantho’s role in digitizing our customers

  • 4,200 km of proprietary optical fiber.
  • Services for the smart cities of the territory (public Wi-Fi, smart security, digital signage, etc.).
  • 52% of companies have ultra-broadband connectivity.

Acantho is Hera Group’s digital company which serves the main cities of Emilia-Romagna region and Triveneto territories with an ultra-broadband network of about 4,200 km of proprietary optical fiber, thanks to which it can offer new generation telecommunications services. Through the data centers of Imola and Milan, it provides services in the cloud to customers while ensuring service quality and data security.

Main services provided:

  • Connectivity services up to ten Gigabits per second.
  • VPN services.
  • Voice services and virtual switchboard.
  • Video presence services.
  • Video analysis and video surveillance services.
  • Data center services (housing, virtual server, virtual data center, storage and backup, business continuity and disaster recovery).
  • IT security services.
  • Transfer services to world’s leading cloud providers.

Together with Hera Group, Acantho offers smart city services as well, such public Wi-Fi, smart security systems and digital signage. These are multi-functional totems which are placed close to points of sale or in public spaces and that show informative or promotional contents.

As for business clients, the connectivity services provided are based on optical fiber, radio bridges and copper technologies. Future goal is to increase the number of clients connected to optical fiber instead of copper technologies, also thanks to the integration with other regional and national operators. As for 2019, Acantho managed to provide ultra-broadband connectivity to 14.571 companieswith connectivity speed up to ten Gigabits per second, ensuring a coverage with fiber to 52% of the companies surveyed.

Italian’s national strategic plan on ultra-broad band - entrusted to Ministry of Economic Development - has defined precise targets for 2020:

  • coverage (at least) 100 megabits per second for up to 85% of the population.
  • coverage (at least) 30 megabit per second for the remaining share of the population.
  • coverage (at least) 100 megabits per second for public buildings - schools, hospitals and so on, - areas of major economic interest and population concentration, industrial areas, major tourist areas, and logistics hubs.

Through formal expressions of interest, Acantho adheres to the integration with other operators’ optical fiber networks in order to reach business users based in areas of digital divides, i.e. areas where there is a lack of public or private technological infrastructure and characterized by technological backwardness and slowness - if not lack - of the web connection. In 2019, Acantho extended its commercial coverage to six new digital divide zones in the municipalities of Bologna, Ravenna and Piacenza.

Finally, Acantho collaborates on numerous projects for Hera’s digitization such as smart dumpsters, smart drop-off points, Smart metering and Smart grid, queue management at Hera Comm desks, food vouchers dematerialization, physical and logical security and building automation, provision of the Digital Newsstand service.

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