TESTATA Ultrasonic hydrolysis system for sewage sludge

Ultrasonic hydrolysis system for sewage sludge

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Ultrasonic hydrolysis system for sewage sludge

Treatment of sludge from purification processes with ultrasonic acoustic waves to produce biogas and to reduce the volume to be disposed of

For some years Hera has been carrying out research aimed at identifying new technologies for the optimization of the water cycle and the disposal of sludge from urban wastewater treatment. This involves the ultrasonic hydrolysis system of the sludge: this technique requires that a part of the thickened sludge (20-50%) from the purification processes is subjected to ultrasonic acoustic waves which, in contact with the liquid matrix to be treated, generate by cavitation a cell lysis that makes it possible to biodegrade a greater amount of volatile solids, increasing the production of biogas and reducing the volume of final dry matter in the sludge to be disposed of.

The system was installed and started in November 2019 at the water treatment plant in Forlì. During 2020, the first expected results have been measured and validated for the increased biogas production that can be obtained thanks to such ultrasonic system.

Area: province of Forlì-Cesena

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