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PUNTOnet Multiservice Drop-Off Point

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PUNTOnet Multiservice

4 multiservice drop-off points already installed

Modular infrastructures that aggregate within a single point multiple services such as: waste collection with user identification, environmental quality and acoustic monitoring, connectivity video surveillance, electrical recharging, bike sharing, water supply

PUNTOnet” project consists in three different technological infrastructures.

“PUNTOnet waste” has the main function of collecting differentiated municipal waste in an innovative,automated and tele-controllable way. It recognizes the user and helps him in conferring his waste, it is accessible to people with disabilities, it allows a clean and limited urban impact, it does not require the use of levers and pedals, weighs the waste, and it signals the filling. It is also modular and integrable with other structures, providing several additional smart services:

  • Air quality and acoustic monitoring.
  • Water dispenser.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Charging station for cars, electric bikes, electronic devices and mobile systems for people affected by disability.
  • Video surveillance system.

The first prototype was made in 2018 and it was tested at the municipality of Castel Bolognese, where 50 families were involved in the project and provided excellent levels of satisfaction. Evaluations are under way for an industrial-scale production of this innovative collection system.

PUNTOnet Bus/Bike is a multi-purpose roof for waiting for buses and to provide bike sharing systems or simple electric charging of e-bikes. The system is modular, so it is possible to exclude or integrate the same smart services of the product PUNTOnet Waste. In addition, the roof can be made with photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy. The structure is self-supporting, and it occupies the space of a single car parking space, so it does not need excavations and foundations.

PUNTOnet H2O is a technological system consisting of a bench and a totem that can supply water at room temperature or chilled. There is a practical doggy drink which allows those who are walking with their dog to pour their drink without the need to take the bowl with them. The water nozzle is completely hygienic since it is protected inside the totem, and this allows water to enter directly into the bottle of the user avoiding any contact with contaminated surfaces. The system is multifunctional: it offers a wi-fi connection and charging of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, electric bicycles and wheelchairs. In addition, some sensors monitor acoustic and air quality, and a LED screen shows informative content. The first prototype will be released at the end of 2020.

Area: province of Ravenna, Bologna, Forlì-Cesena

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