TESTATA NexMeter: 4.0 gas meter with advanced security features

NexMeter: 4.0 gas meter with advanced security features

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3,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided per year

A meter that measuring consumption in real time, identifies any anomalies and catches hard-to-locate micro gas leaks

In addition to allowing gas users to detect real-time consumption, new Hera Group’s 4.0 gas meter also offers advanced security features. In fact, it allows to monitor pressure and flow conditions of the supply plant and network in real time, immediately signalling any anomalies and irregularities - e.g. small latent losses, large immediate leaks and large-scale - and interrupting the supply, securing the system immediately. Following the restoration, it can perform a test of system regular operation for a prompt resumption of the service. It is also able to intercept real-time seismic shocks, also in this case by suspending the supply and thus acting in the direction of greater safety. It is made of materials containing recycled plastic and is already prepared for "clean gas" such as biomethane.

Benefits fall within these areas:

  • Safety and reduction of accidents - including those caused by faults in the network downstream of the meter and the users' equipment.
  • Civil protection for earthquake risk, mitigating fire and explosion risks thanks to the immediate, targeted and timely shut-off of damaged gas user equipment.
  • Quality of service, thanks to network and supply pressure measurement with possible correction of the measured volumes also based on pressure values.
  • Protection of environment and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating micro-leaks and using recycled materials.

During 2020, 30 thousand installations were carried out, with a total objective of 300 thousand by 2022, thanks to which an estimated saving of 3,500 tons of greenhouse gases can be achieved annually.

Area: Ferrara, Udine

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