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Hera biomass from waste products

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Hera biomass

6.5 million cubic metres of biomethane produced in 2019

Anaerobic digester that produces biomethane used for public transport and compost for agriculture from urban organic waste collected with separate collection

For years Hera has been producing biogas through biodigesters and landfills, then used to generate electricity. In the last two years, the next step has been to refine the biogas in order to generate biomethane with the same characteristics as the one flowing in domestic pipelines. The first project carried out in this direction is the composting plant of Sant'Agata Bolognese, which uses the organic fraction from differentiated municipal waste as the raw material to obtain biomethane and quality compost. In this way, a perfect circular economy is achieved, so from food waste it is possible to get methane gas that can be used for automotive purposes, but also for heating and cooking.

The biodigestive plant of Sant'Agata can treat 100 thousand tons of organic waste and 35 thousand tons of pruning from separate collection, and at full capacity can produce about 7.5 million cubic meters of biomethane and 20,000 tons of compost every year.

After completing the industrial start-up phases by passing the performance tests, the plant entered into operation at nominal speed starting from March 2019. Following the transfer of about 94 thousand tons of organic waste in 2019, it was possible to produce about 6.5 million cubic meters of biomethane then immitted into the national network. The total amount of this intervention required an investment of Euro 37.5 million.

Biomethane is injected into Snam’s transport network to be used as fuel in methane vehicles, also for local public transport. In this way, Hera Group’s society Herambiente can obtain incentives through Certificates of consumption of renewable fuels. In 2019, collaborations with Tper (public transport service in Emilia-Romagna region) and Co.ta.Bo. (Bologna taxi cooperative) have started, thanks to which biomethane produced in the Sant'Agata Bolognese plant will also be used as fuel for local buses and taxis. The same biomethane also powers four refuelling stations for private individuals.

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