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Innovative projects with the aim of rationalizing and digitizing end-to-end the operating processes of the entire company structure, with particular reference to the services offered to customers

Heratech promotes innovative digitization projects that involve the entire company structure, for example through the implementation of an integrated system of new features on the company management platform (Sap) and on mobile apps accessible from portable devices. The objective of these innovations is to gather a series of different design initiatives to rationalize and digitize end-to-end operational processes, with particular reference to the services offered to customers:

  • Customer estimate: an integrated dashboard has been developed to allow to centrally manage all the estimates requested by customers and to dispatch to technicians the activities to be carried from directly on mobile equipment, which can then be executed via a specific app directly "from the field", without the need for operators to transit from company headquarters. All collected data are immediately and automatically transferred to the central system, in which all the technical and economic information are stored and from which the quote is then automatically sent to the customer.
  • Execution of customer works: in a similar way, a dashboard has been developed for the management of all customer works, which also includes the possibility to manage authorizations necessary for the execution of the activities themselves. Also in this case, each work order can be assigned on a specific mobile app both to the technicians of Heratech Works Management Office and to executive companies, thus making available all the information necessary to perform the tasks of competence, which once completed can be summed up - always from the app - with automatic central system update.
  • Usability advancement activities to customers: a web application with reserved access has been developed to allow customers to verify the progress of the technical activities they request and to receive a personal text message on main advances in the evolution of the activity.
  • Back-office technical activities: a Customer relationship management system has been developed for all back-office technical activities. Tools have also been implemented for the digital management of documents - on paper before - required for technical customer account activities e.g. for supply activation or deactivation.

The main benefits deriving from these projects are represented by reduced need for movement by the personnel concerned - which is due to a lower use of company vehicles and therefore a decrease in emissions, - and digitization of a series of activities and documents that therefore allows savings innecessary paper.

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