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Data center

2 data centres managed by Acantho

Acantho data centres offering our customers cloud services to protect both family data and company data.

Through two data centres located in Imola and Milan, Acantho, the digital company of the Hera Group, offers cloud services to its customers, ensuring quality of service and data security.

The main services offered include:

  • connection service of up to 10GB per second;
  • virtual private network services;
  • virtual switchboard and vocal services;
  • video presence services;
  • services of video analysis and video surveillance;
  • data centre services (housing, virtual server, virtual data centre, storage and backup, business continuity and disaster recovery).

Acantho serves the main cities of the Emilia-Romagna and Triveneto areas with a network of approximately 4,200 km of proprietary optical fibre. For more than 15 years, the company has developed an ultra-fast broadband optical fibre network, thanks to which it is able to offer latest generation telecommunication services.

Acantho, together with the Hera Group, also offers services for smart cities in the area. By way of example, this includes public Wi-Fi services, smart security systems and digital signage. Digital signage refers to the multifunction totems placed near sales points or public spaces, and provide users with information or promotional content.

In the 2017-2018 two-year period, Acantho strengthened and extended the public Wi-Fii service for the municipality of Ravenna by installing 42 Wi-Fi hotspots, six of which are in Unesco sites, totalling 78 access points that allow a high speed connectivity service, completely free of charge, for citizens, tourists and businesses.

With particular reference to business customers, the connectivity services offered are based on fibre optic technologies, radio links and copper. The aim for the future is to increase the number of customers connected to optical fibre as opposed to copper technologies also thanks to the integration with other operators (regional and national).

The national strategic plan on ultra-fast broadband has defined precise objectives for 2020. Implementation of the strategy has been assigned to MiSE and is set out as follows:

  • coverage of at least 100 MB per second up to 85% of the population;
  • coverage of at least 30 MB per second for the remaining share of the population;
  • coverage of at least 100 MB per second for offices and public buildings (schools, hospitals etc.), in the areas of greatest economic interest and demographic concentration, the industrial areas, main tourist locations and logistic hubs.

With its optical fibre, Acantho is able to bring ultra-fast broadband connectivity (with connection speeds of up to ten GB per second) to 14,571 companies out of 28,283 registered in the area where Acantho is present, thereby ensuring coverage of 52% of companies.

The expression "digital divide" (divario digitale) indicates a lack of technological infrastructures that characterise an area or a territory, intended both as public infrastructure and as private technologies. The term is synonymous with a lack of technological development and in particular indicates no connection (or a slow connection) to the internet.

Through a formal expression of interest with regards to integration with fibre optic networks of other operators, Acantho is able to reach business users based within the digital divide by means of its commercial services.

In 2018, Acantho extended its commercial coverage to ten new digital divide areas in the municipalities of Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna, through an expression of interest towards another regional operator with a positive outcome.

Furthermore, Acantho collaborates on numerous projects for the digitalisation of Hera. These include but are not limited to: cassONetto Smarty; Smart drop-off points; Smart Metering and Smart Grid; Queue management (Hera Comm help desks); Hera Luncheon Voucher management; Physical safety and Hera automation building.

Area: province of Bologna

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