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Dashboard and IoT sensors

17 monitored areas with at least one indicator per area

Constant, real-time monitoring dashboard of cities’ environmental, social and economic data. It can be partially powered by the sensors present in the PUNTOnet multiservice hubs or by other IoT devices

The Dashboard for municipalities is a dashboard for city analysis and monitoring that allows municipalities to monitor in an integrated, constant and real-time way processing and correlation of environmental, social and economic big data coming from various services and sensors strategically installed all over the territory – e.g. air quality control units, satellite maps, smart technological infrastructure. This analysis process is aimed at assessing the quality of the territory and therefore to implement improvement and change processes in the direction of sustainability.

Any action taken can be measured to monitor given objectives. These objectives come from 2030 UN Agenda SDGs, national protocols or specific protocols of the administrations. Monitored areas may be:

  • Sustainable use of the ground and solutions based on natural processes.
  • Circular economy.
  • Adaptation to climate change and reduction of risk of disasters.
  • Energy transition.
  • Air quality.
  • Water quality.
  • Ecosystems, urban green spaces and biodiversity safeguarding.
  • Sustainable mobility.

This system also facilitates energy transition of municipalities: in fact, through the processing of data on energy consumption from fossil sources with those from renewable sources, an algorithm has been developed to map the territory from an energy point of view. In this way, public administrations have a vision that allows them not only to know in depth their territory, but also to identify the most critical areas and to understand the phenomena that generate such situations.

During 2019, the impact of the services offered to the Municipality of Castel Bolognese was assessed. In addition, an agreement has been established with the Municipality of Cesena and the University of Bologna to carry out experimental projects related to circular economy, energy transition and digital transition, which include the provision of the dashboard, IoT sensors for acoustic and air quality monitoring, and PUNTOnet technology infrastructure. At the same time, the functionality of the dashboard has been extended to other contexts such as companies and university campuses. During 2020 it is expected to release the platform and its smart services for other municipalities and public and private bodies that aim to achieve sustainability goals through the digitization of their processes.

Area: province of Ravenna, Cesena

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